Although the Words Left Me, I Found Solace in a Thousand More

Although the words had left me, I have found solace in a thousand more. Ever since I’d lost my joie de vivre I’d been searched for that wonderment I used to feel at the Little Things in the World around me.

I used to be filled with the giggles if I saw a butterfly on a sunny day.I used to feel giddy at the smell of Sta-Soft fabric conditioner on my cool sheets as I tucked myself into bed every night. I used to close my eyes to acutely feel the wind in my hair as I rode my bicycle. Wonderment.

When I lost that feeling and the means to express it, I looked for new inspiration. Instead of finding the inspiration in words, I found it in a thousand more. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, n’est pas? As I rebuilt my Spirit and found my joie de vivre in pictures and picture-sharing communities. I have been on WordPress in months because I have been on Tumblr. Ce Que Moi J’adore is my Tumblr page with exactly that, ce que (things that) moi j’adore (I Love.)

Ce Que Moi J'adore Slide2 Slide3 Slide4

I’ve literally spent days and days scrolling infinitely through tumblr posts; reblogging, hearting, queuing posts and being inspired. And in this inspiration I have found more reason to fight the darkness and j’ai trouvé mes raison d’être.  I have found my reasons for being. I’m fighting the depression because I have so much I want to live for. All of this from a silly little microblogging site. This is the Power of Social Media.

I hope you’ll get the opportunity to peruse  Ce Que Moi J’adore as well and possibly find your own inspiration for wonderment there.

Gros bisous

Ms Zanna


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