Friends Of The Library + Häagen-Dazs = Summer Bliss



I can still remember the first book I read that wasn’t for school. It was Sweet Valley High: Bitter Rivals by Francine Pascal. I was in Grade 3, had moved to a new school and kept seeing the “cool girls” walking around with these little books. So went to the library and took out four Sweet Valley books. I sat in my reading spot at home that afternoon (up the plum-tree in our garden) and read them all – in one afternoon. Needless to say, I got into trouble the next day at school for not doing my homework, but I didn’t care much. I was too excited to get another four Sweet Valley’s that afternoon. And that’s how Suzanna the Bookworm was born.


I’m a little older now and my tastes in fiction and non-fiction have expanded, I’m a regular at Exclusive Books and have a Joburg library card. I was thrilled to discover that the Friends of the Library organise a book sale at the Sandton Library once a month.

All the money is used to buy books at the Sandton Library. Altogether Friends of the Library raised over R 45,000 in book sales in 2011, which enabled the Library to purchase many new books., both fiction and non-fiction, to satisfy not only the novel aficionados in Sandton, but those who require study books for their education.

For more information on Friends of the Library or to get the dates of their next contact the Sandton Library at Nelson Mandela Square

Tel.: 011 282 5911/15
Fax: 011 282 5916



I went over yesterday and bought six books for R50. Incredible, I know. On my way home I picked up some Häagen-Dazs ice-cream at the Sandton store. I sat poolside, eating Häagen-Dazs and sipping on an ice-cold drink, lost in Georgina Howell’s Daughter of the Desert, absolutely content with life.  *sigh* This is what summer is all about.



Ms Zanna


Women Dress For Other Women

I had a good chuckle at when Khaya Dlanga tweeted this a while ago:

“@khayadlanga: Sorry ladies, as much as you love your bags, they do nothing to us.”

I chuckled because our dearest Khaya is under the mistaken impression that I own 30 handbags in the hopes that it will “do something” for the male populous. Silly Khaya.

Women are aware that the men in our lives will not join us in gushing over those Charlotte Olympia platform stilettos or that adorable vintage Chanel tote that we found at a bargain. They also will not care if said tote matches said shoes.

What we do know, is that you will appreciate the long legs attached to the stilettos. It doesn’t take much to impress a man; a little cleavage, a lot of leg & we get the wolf whistles & nods of appreciation. It’s too easy.

I don’t know a single guy who cares for shoulder pads, embellished dresses, leopard print cardigans or platform heels. And if he does, then as a Fag Hag my gaydar will pick up a new HBF.

The fact that I’m hunting for a white, cropped tuxedo jacket has nothing to do with that cutie at my favourite coffee shop and everything to do with the looks of envy I will get from my fellow female fashionistas.

Only she will notice subtle lace detail on my favourite mini dress or the “Rock ‘n Roll Chic” spikes on those Red Bottoms.

Dressing to impress is a competition. The prize is not the attention of the opposite sex. The prize is the girly screams followed by the “I-Love-That-Where-Did-You-Get-Its.” The prize is the feeling of one-upmanship when you can say “Oh, it’s H&M, I got it in London” knowing that the chances of her ever finding the same one as yours are slim to none.

Men, our world does not revolve around grabbing your attention, contrary to popular belief. We don’t dress for you. Women dress for other women. And anyone who says otherwise is either disillusioned or male. Likely both.

Ladies, can I get an amen?

Ms Zanna

Kim Kardashian Sues Her Doppelgänger

First YSL copies Christian Louboutin & now Kim Kardashian is being Doppelgängered. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Kim doesn’t think so.

US clothing brand Old Navy are using a Kim Kardashian lookalike in their new ad campaign. And now the 30-year-old socialite is suing the clothing giant and their parent company The Gap, for approximately $15 – $20 million.

The ‘Super C-U-T-E’ music-video inspired campaign video, has become a web viral hit. It has so far had 1.7 million hits online. In the video, Molinaro is the spitting image of Kim, with her hair and make-up styled to look just like the reality star.

If that isn’t bad enough, a certain Bush rumour is adding fuel to the fire. Melissa Molinaro, Kardashian’s copycat, is said to be currently dating 26-year-old NFL player, and Kim’s ex Reggie Bush.

Kim filed her lawsuit against Old Navy in Los Angeles today. She claims the company are using the double in order to make people think she is associated with the label. She is suing the company for “the unauthorised use of Kardashian’s name, likeness, identity, and persona.”

A statement from Kim’s legal reps reads: “Old Navy launched a multimedia advertising campaign that misappropriates Kardashian’s likeness in the form of a celebrity look-alike. Her identity and persona are valuable. When her intellectual property rights are violated, she intends to enforce them.”

I personally think Kim’s over reacting. You’ve seen the pics, you decide.


Ms Zanna

Mrs O – What She Wore (Botswana)

Mrs O & entourage arrive in Gaborone, Botswana yesterday for the next leg of her African tour.

She wore a red and black palette, pairing a red pant suit with a woven belt at the waist.

The US First Lady changed into a Rachel Roy Sable Leather Ribbed Knit Jacket & slacks to paint a mural at the Botswana-Baylor Adolescent Center.

Ms Zanna

Mrs O – What She Wore (Duro Olowu in Cape Town)

Mrs O at UCT

Mrs O at UCT

Mrs O playing soccer to raise funds for AIDS Awareness

Mrs O playing soccer to raise funds for AIDS Awareness

Mrs O left Johannesburg for Cape Town yesterday. She visited the University of Cape Town where she answered students’ questions. She then paid a visit to the District 6 Museum.

On a fashion note, Mrs O paired navy trousers and a printed top Duro Olowu top with a Reed Krakoff blazer. She accessorized her ensemble du jour with Nava Zahavi earrings.

This is her 9th piece from the Nigerian-born, London based designer. I admire her ability to wear African design prints without looking too “I-Am-In-Africa-So-Let-Me-Dress-African.” Bravo.

Below are some more occasions where Mrs O wore Duro Olowu this year. He has been her “go-to” designer for quite some time now. She didn’t just start wearing an African designer because she was coming to the “Mother Land.”

Ms Zanna

Mrs O – What She Wore (Nelson Mandela Foundation)

Mrs O & daughters with Tata Madiba

Mrs O & daughters with Tata Madiba

Mrs O visited the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannnesburg yesterday.

She was dressed in a coral silk shantung jacket and skirt by Narciso Rodriguez. Très chic!

Ms Zanna

Mrs O & Graca Michel

Mrs O & Graca Michel

Mrs O – What She Wore (Waterkloof Landing)

Mrs O & daughters land at Waterkloof Airbase

Mrs O & daughters land at Waterkloof Airbase

Mrs. O wore a jacket by Nigerian-born and designer  Duro Olowu. The jacket is from the London-based designer’s Fall Winter 2010 collection.

My Body’s Too Bootylicious For You Babe!

Know Thyself. It’s imporatant ladies. In order to look a fabulous at all time you need to know what suits your body type. Now that we’ve established what body type you are, we’re dealing with each body type’s “Do’s & Don’ts.”

Dress Your Body Type: Full & Curvy

Full & Curvy Figure - Dress Your Body Type, Online ShoppingFor the curvy figure, you want to minimize those curves, but not deny them. Right? Your #1 challenge is  finding beautiful, trendy clothes that fit. First, let’s find out if you are a curvy figure. If you answer “yes” to most of the characteristics below, then read on.

  • You have a full bust and hips.
  • Your shoulders and hips a line evenly.
  • Your waist curves like an hourglass but you are fuller around the bust-line and lower portion.
  • You feel your hips and upper portion could be smaller and want to minimize the portion.

What to wear?

Flattering Tops

  • Shop for fitted v-necks, scoops or boat-necks. Tops that are open at the décolleté area are most pleasing to the eye.
  • Dressy, belted blouses and halters accentuate the waist.
  • A Single-breasted jacket, a belted trench or princess cut jacket make for perfect outerwear for a curvy figure.

No, Nos!

  • For button-up blouses, make sure the fit is right. The space between the buttons may open a bit. To solve this problem, use double sided type to secure the fabric. Works perfect.
  • Throw out the waist length puffer jacket. This piece cuts the body in half. You want to elongate the body not chop off.

Slimming Bottoms

  • For professional attire, slightly tapered pencil skirts ending at the knee are gentle on your curvy frame. Pencil skirts also glide smoothly over curves giving you that 50’s bombshell look!
  • A-lines, bias cuts and stitch-down pleated skirts are other choices to choose from.
  • Pants with flat fronts are clean and sophisticated. Bottoms with no pockets are most flattering.
  • Curvy shapes can also try boot-cut or straight-leg jeans for the weekend, which balances the hips.
  • Capri pants are a good choice as long as the hems are tapered without any flare.

No, Nos!

  • Throw out the skirt that is gathered at the waist.
  • For pants, avoid pleated and ankle-tapered pants.


  • Choose a dress with a belt or go with a wrap dress. They adjust to your unique curves.
  • Picking the fabric of the dress is most important. Be sure the fabric is thick verses thin and flimsy. Thicker, structured fabrics drape gracefully across the curves. Dupioni silk is very structured and flattering, but still luxurious and elegant for formal occasions.
  • Small-scale printed patterned dresses accent the curves.
  • Sheaths, sun dresses, and princess-shapes are other great picks.

No, Nos!

  • Big-patterned prints are a big no, nos! Run the other way!
  • Tight satin dresses or any thin or flimsy fabric will ruin those curves.

What about those swimsuits

  • 18% or more of spandex will give the curvy shape as well as fabulous support for the bottom and top.
  • The hipsters are very flattering for the lower body. Hits right at the right place.
  • Halter tops, bra-cuts give great support and long-top tankinis for the upper portion.

No, Nos!

  • Don’t wear anything too baggy.
  • Throw out the granny-style skirt suits.

And remember, one of the most important thing to looking FAB-U-LOUS and all times is, CON-FI-DENCE!

Work it Girl!


Miss Zanna

Pamela Anderson Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

Busty Figure - Dress Your Body Type, Online ShoppingYou are blessed with a generous bust-line but haven’t a clue how to balance your shape. You probably feel like people only see what’s below  your face. Well, lucky for you women pay thousands of dollars to have that bust-line. That’s not the only plus; there are ways to wear certain fashions to complement not flaunt.

  • Bra size is over a “C” cup.
  • Usually, this shape has a combination of a shorter waist.
  • With out the right support, your body can look 10 pounds heavier than it really is.
  • Lower portion of body is petite to normal size compared to the upper portion.

You’re probably getting a headache just thinking about it but don’t worry. Below I have listed pieces to shop for and other informative tips.

What to wear?

Flattering Tops

  • Fitted V-neck or scoop neck tops; be sure there not too tight
  • A button-up men’s shirt is always a classic piece to have. Read the “Tips” section in the right column to learn more about work attire.
  • Tops that taper or nip you waist a bit
  • Fitted sweaters are great work attire but again not too tight
  • Halters tops are always flattering
  • For jackets and coats, invest in princess cut or a classic trench. Belted coats and knee-length puffers flatter the proportion.

No, Nos!

  • Stay away from embroidery, ruffles, gathering, shirring or big patterned tops. All they do is draw more attention to the bust-line.
  • Flimsy fabrics or bias cuts lack support. Shop for thicker cotton or wool textiles.
  • Be cautious with Empire waists. Make sure there is no extra fabric gathered or shirred around the bust.
  • No waist-length puffers

Slimming Bottoms

  • A-line skirts and pencil skirts for professional occasions
  • Pin-stripe pants elongate the figure.
  • Low sitting on the waist and boot-cut jeans are perfect paired with leather boots or heels.
  • Pants with a slight flare help balance the top but don’t go over board.

No, Nos!

  • Mid-thigh or narrow skirts make you seem top-heavy.
  • When shopping for pants or jeans, keep away from super skinny or super full legs. However, putting the boots over the pants works well with skinny jeans. It’s a great trick to balance the top with your bottom half.


  • Body slimming sheath dress are a perfect match for the busty shape.
  • Shop for controlled tops paired with a slightly full skirt.
  • For evening wear or cocktail attire, the halter top is always an excellent choice. You can show a little neckline dip but don’t go over the top. You want to be sexy not wear sex.

No, Nos!

  • Run from fullness on top such as ruffles or shirring.
  • For special occasions, keep it simple on top. Don’t let the clothes wear you.

What about those swimsuits

  • Look for tops that give support just like a bra does. Some women think they don’t need padding for the top. However, once they have worn a controlled top, they feel more secure in their appearance.
  • Halter tops with thick straps are the best bikini tops to wear.
  • Also, a wide band underneath the bust-line keeps things in place.
  • Solid dark color on top diverts attention.

No, Nos!

  • Be cautious when purchasing string bikinis!
  • No ruffles or big patterns on top!

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Miss Zanna

Ladies, Know Thyself

I’m a full-time student at the University of Johannesburg’s Kingsway Campus. Often our campus is referred to as the “Hollywood” campus, and we have rightly earned this moniker. You should see the parade of girls on our campus! It’s amazing, and sometimes HILARIOUS! If there’s a hot trend out there, every UJ girl will be sporting it. Sometime I wish they would exercise a little discretion in their fashion choices but who am I to judge right? As Mastin Kipp says “Good style is the expression of your soul, not a trend report or what celebrities are wearing. Express yourself …”

Now I’m all for Freedom of Expression entrenched in section 16 (1)(c) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. (I’m a Law Student remember!) But that Freedom can and should  be limited according to section 36 (1) of said Constitution AND according to your body type.


Busty Figure

You are blessed with a generous bust-line but haven’t a clue how to balance your shape. You probably feel like people only see what’s below your face. Well, lucky for you women pay thousands of dollars to have that bust-line. That’s not the only plus; there are ways to wear certain fashions to complement not flaunt. (On a random note, this is me!)

If you have a busty figure, model after celebrities like Salema Halyek, Eva Mendes, or Jessica Simpson.

Full & Curvy

For the curvy figure, you want to minimize those curves, but not deny them. Right? Your #1 challenge is finding beautiful, trendy clothes that fit.

For Full & Curvy Figures, watch celebrities like Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson and America Ferrera for styling ideas.

Pear Figure

  • You have narrow shoulders. Your bust and waistline are small and petite.
  • You have more voluptuous hips, bottom and thighs.
  • You are blessed with the bootylicious syndrome.

Jennifer Lopez is a great example of a pear shape. She knows how to play up her best features.

Tall & Slim

  • You have a straight shape from shoulders to hips.
  • You have little to no curve in the waste.
  • You have long arms and legs.
  • You maybe thick-waisted or very lean and tall.
  • Your goal is to look more feminine.

One advantage is you don’t have to hide unwanted curves.

Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes and Heidi Klum are women to imitate when it comes to dressing a tall and slim figure.


  • You are well-proportioned.
  • You sometimes feel short and stubby and you’re not sure why.
  • You are 5’3″ or under.
  • You still want to dress just as grown as taller women but not be over-powered by the clothes.
  • You want a closet full of clothes that elongates your small frame.

Natalie Portman, Christina Rucci and Kristen Bell are great examples of petite figures. They are all under 5′ 2″ tall and do a wonderful job elongating their figures on the red carpet.


  • You have full bust and hips.

  • Your voluptuous curves are well proportioned with your body.
  • Your goal is to elongate your figure.
  • You feel your hips and upper portion could be smaller. You want clothes that slim your curves instead of drawing too much attention to them.
  • You are shorter than 5’5″

If your Curvy Petite, model after celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Now that we’ve gotten re-acquainted with ourselves, I will be dealing with what not to wear in future blog posts.


Miss Zanna